Looking for a home can be one of the most exciting things you do; it signifies that you’re completely independent and ready to handle the responsibilities of homeownership. Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge at 30 or 60, buying your first home is always an overwhelming but exciting experience. Unfortunately, some buyers can start looking for homes far before they’re ready to buy, getting themselves too excited and let down, while others start to look too late, which can either interfere with wedding plans, babies on the way, or moving for a job. So when is the “right” time to look for a home?

Employment – If you’re moving to a new city for a great new job, you may want to hold off on your house hunt. For first time buyers, it’s hard enough to buy in your own city, dealing with real estate professionals you may know or at least have good references for. Moving to a new city can be overwhelming enough on its own; the last thing you need to add to your plate is a house hunt with a complete stranger. If you’re looking for a home in your own city, however, we recommend that you’ve been working for your current employer for at least six months and that you have your payment history ready for your lender. If you’re a newer employee, banks will want to see that you’ve made money in this industry, and may require that you have proof of past paystubs and records.

Time to Qualify – Qualifying as a new home buyer can be difficult, and you’ll want to get started as soon as you’re looking at homes. Unfortunately banks have tightened up lately, and you’re not going to be as likely to find “easy” financing, so you’ll want to make sure you’re at least pre-qualified for a house, or else you’re wasting your time and your agent’s time.

Time to Close – Plenty of people like to time their Cherry Creek homes for sale purchase just right; whether it be at the end of their apartment’s lease period, after a new addition to the family, or to have their dream home ready to move into on their way back from their honeymoon. If your heart is set on having a specific closing date, we suggest you start a month or more earlier. You can always ask if you can tack on extra time for closing, but if you cut it too short, a lender’s two week delay, the city requiring permits, or even an extended inspection period can throw off your whole timeline.

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