Denver real estate is some of the most beautiful and unique real estate in the country. Being the mile high city has many perks, including a young and lively capital city with gorgeous and charming neighborhoods. Buying and selling real estate in this bustling city, however, can be a bit difficult without the proper tools. Here are just a few of the real estate tools you’ll want in your buying or selling arsenal:

Real Estate Listing Websites – Websites like Zillow and Trulia are great for homeowners looking to list their property. These sites are great for those homeowners looking to sell “By Owner” but what the seller may not realize is that while they allow you to list your home for free, these kinds of sites will not show any of your contact information, and in order for a buyer to gain access to that information, they have to submit their own information to a buyer’s agent that pays for those leads. While you may not mind having buyer’s agents contacting you on behalf of this free marketing, most agents are going to want a 3% commission for bringing you a buyer. So, while it’s free advertising to get your property up on these sites, you will end up paying for it in the end.

Social Media Sites – One of the best ways to sell anything these days is to take it to your own social network via social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. If you have good “friends” they may even share your page and extend your advertising into a few more networks in your neighborhood or city. While you may not find your buyer on these social media sites, it’s free advertising for you as the seller, and it never hurts to alert people that you’re looking to sell. Consider this the online version of the office “water cooler,” where you get to pass on information and hope that word of mouth may bring you a buyer.

Craig’s List and a FSBO Sign – Your two best bets are really going to be a free sales website like Craig’s List and a huge “For Sale By Owner” sign in your front yard, if you’re convinced that selling your home yourself is the best way to go. Buyers without agents will be scouring sites like Craig’s List because you can contact the homeowner directly and they will want to avoid any sites that place a middle man buyer’s agent between themselves and your property. Beware with these kinds of sites, though, as they are notoriously filled with scammers, spammers and people without the strongest consciences.

The MLS – The MLS is your best bet, and you will want to hire a professional listing agent to get your property into it. It’s the tool that every Baker real estate agent in your county and possibly region has access to, and their first step in finding a home for their buyers.

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