Buyer’s agents in any major city seem like they’re a dime a dozen; anyone and everyone is ready to help you out when you first start looking at houses. Many agents will be quick to set up an automated MLS search for you and promise you the world for finding your perfect dream home, but when it starts getting more difficult, you can easily feel like the agents have oversold their services and under delivered. Being a great buyer’s agent takes a lot of hard work; simply having your real estate license and a gassed up car just aren’t enough anymore. Buyer’s agents need to be smart, creative and thoughtful to really deliver the kind of service most buyers are looking for nowadays. Luckily you can interview buyer’s agents just like you would interview listing agents, and there are a few key factors to look for:

Patient – Buyers agents need to be as patient as you plan on looking for a home. If you know you’re a “hard to please,” picky, or reluctant buyer, you’re going to need to look for someone incredibly patient. One of the most important parts of buying a home is the process; buyers need to come to terms with many realities that they may not have even considered. Sometimes a home buying experience is a flat out soul-searching process. Buyers learn things about their likes and dislikes and about how the cope with difficult and trying situations.

Reasonable – Now, we all know patience is a virtue, but your Aurora real estate agent needs to be able to reason with you as well. Are they a pushover? Would they show you houses for the next seven years without once reasoning with you on your expectations? It’s pretty common for buyers to think they can buy the world; it seems that every buyer wants the outrageously good deal while every seller wants a quick and overpriced offer. Your agent will need to know how to manage your expectations to help keep you grounded and realistic.

Resourceful – Buying homes in this market is no longer a conventional process; you have your short sales, your real estate owned properties (commonly mistakenly called “foreclosures”) and your regular sales. Buyers agents can even get creative and find properties that aren’t in the MLS and have much less competition. Many of these are either “For Sale By Owner,” cash only deals, and “wholesale” deals. If your agent is resourceful, however, they can make any sale work for you and can even find your financing for cash only deals (right now we can think of at least two ways already that we could make that happen for you).

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