Negotiating – If you’re not a natural negotiator, you will want a real estate agent by your side, plain and simple. Even if you know the ins and outs of real estate–you may understand the price/square foot of every neighborhood in town, or even watch the markets on a daily basis–you may still know nothing when it comes to getting the best price for your home. Sometimes you can even be too good of a negotiator and want to work directly with the other party’s agent, which can scare buyers and sellers away. Real estate is both an exciting and terriflying industry, since it can literally be a person’s entire life savings that is being invested. Don’t you think it’s a smart move to have the best representation possible in this situation? A situation where a real estate agent can make or break a sale, or just one wrong negotiation could cost you $10,000 or more? Don’t get us wrong, you definitely have the final say in all negotiations, but can you think quick on your toes like an agent? Can you close a seller when they’re stuck in their pricing ways? Will you have any credibility as a buyer who know the market, or will they just think you’re trying to squeeze every last penny out of them?

InspectionDenver real estate agents come in handy when it comes to the inspection, since they do these on a regular basis. Not only do they know the good from the bad inspectors, but they know how to handle the post-inspection, when you will most likely need to re-negotiate on some of your conditions. See, your original offer on a home is made with the contingency that all goes well through the inspection. This seems like a very open-ended contingency, and it really is. It is made to protect the buyer from purchasing a home that they can’t afford to maintain or fix up. This is why the post-inspection negotiation is just as important as the initial negotiation–since it will be your final chance to feel like you’re paying fair market value for the home, now that you understand it’s current state.

Closing – Title companies can usually help walk you through the closing process, or even an attorney, but having an agent by your side who has been to hundreds of closings will help you feel assured that you have someone on your side. Often times the HUD and mortgage paperwork have numbers in the thousands and even hundreds of thousands, and just one decimal or coma off could mean a major mistake. It’s nice to have your agent by your side to help double check all of your numbers and to be your voice in the event of an issue.

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