Buying and selling real estate may look like a simple process; TV shows have glamorized it time and time again. You look at a few houses, pick your favorite, place an offer, then close on your home. Oh yeah, and your greedy agent walks away with 3% commission for doing close to nothing. In reality if you’ve ever bought or sold a piece of property you understand just how much that agent earns his commission. There are scheduling errors, negotiations, inspection issues, clouds on title, financing issues…..and don’t even get us started on short sales!

It may look like a big chunk of money going into the agent’s pocket, but many times when an agent works out the hours spent on a sale from start to finish, they have invested double or triple the time they may have at a regular job. The reason they are in the real estate business, (especially in the beginning) is because they love it.

So, now that we’ve covered your agent’s worth, now we’ll look at where they really come into play. Here are just some of the issues you can find yourself running into when trying to buy or sell your home:

Scheduling Showings – Unfortunately, if you’re a buyer looking to set up showings on your own, you may find that agents don’t have the time or energy to assist you. It’s crazy, we know, since a buyer without representation especially becomes the listing agent’s client (and commission). This would make any buyer assume that an agent would be at their beckon call; ready to show their property and ready to help make a deal. The reality of the situation, though, is that many times listing agents rather spend their free time finding and listing new properties and just let the buyer’s agent handle all of the showings. This is really the main function of the MLS (something only Realtors have access to) is for Realtors to list their Denver real estate for sale for the eyes of other licensed agents only. Since each Realtor is given a unique login and ID when they join the National and local board of Realtors, they are held accountable for every home they are given access to. This is what makes Realtors and homeowners feel safe in listing their lockbox information on the MLS. Without a buyer’s agent and access to the MLS, you will need to contact each individual homeowner or seller, which is much harder than it sounds.

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