Typically a broker will want to play fair; of course they want to protect their agent, but they will happily admit if there was a wrong-doing on the agent’s part and will want to make it up to the client. A broker only has their reputation in this world and once that’s gone, their business will usually quickly disappear as well. Make sure you listen to the broker and agent. This may sound elementary, but in any argument or disagreement, often times both sides are so concerned with getting their side of the story heard that they can tune out the other side of the story. Listen to the reasoning you’ve been given by the agent and broker. Could any of these reasons been true?

  • You were unrealistic about your budget and price range and no agent would be able to find you the home that you truly want. You may not feel you’re seeing properties that you truly love in your price range, but have you looked in higher price ranges? Try searching Zillow or Trulia for properties that you could truly see yourself living in. Can you afford them? Maybe you need to wait a bit longer and save up before buying.
  • You were upset about losing a home in a bidding war when your agent recommended you not overbid. Would you have regretted winning that war? Would you have been able to finance it if it were over fair market value? Many banks and lenders will not finance an overpriced property, no matter how much you love it. Your agent may have had your best interest at heart knowing that you couldn’t afford to pay the difference out of pocket.
  • You disagree with your agent on most of their advice and suggestions. Do you have a background in Aurora real estate? Did you grow up around real estate or have a spouse in the field? If you’re constantly disagreeing but you have no real estate background, you may need to accept that real estate is a new industry to you and that you may need to do some research or get second opinion.
  • None of these sound like your situation? Here are some valid reasons to want to terminate your agreement:

  • Your agent has been out of touch for over two weeks without explanation and both the office and the agent are not returning your calls.
  • Your agent refused to submit an offer of yours because it was too low, or too unattractive of an offer. No matter their stance on your offer, they are required to submit all offers or to show you all offers if you are a seller.
  • You feel lied to, or that your agent does not have your best interests in mind.
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