Any time you need to part ways from a situation, be it a relationship, a friendship, a job, there can easily be hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Parting ways from your real estate agent is very much like a break up, and like any break up, it’s best not to burn bridges and to remain cordial for future interactions. Parting ways with a real estate agent can happen for a number of reasons; many agents (especially new ones) can get excited to have a client, and can make promises that they just can’t fulfill. They can make claims about selling your house in under 30 days, or being able to get you any Denver real estate for sale you want, even if it’s out of your price range. It’s definitely a rookie move to overpromise and undersell, but unfortunately it happens quite a bit in real estate. Sometimes it’s not the agent’s fault at all; sometimes the buyer or seller is completely unrealistic and the agent has just been unable to manage their expectations. For whatever reason you’d like to part ways with your real estate agent, here are few good ways to go about it:

Always go to your agent first – Some forums and blog articles may suggest going around your agent and directly to the broker. This is something we do not recommend, and feel that it’s actually one of the best ways to breed resentment and to have a messy “break up.“ Like any situation in life, it’s only fair to go directly to the person you have the issue with. It could turn out to have been a simple miscommunication or something that could be easily resolved. Even if you feel strongly about ending your business relationship with your agent, you should go directly to them first. It may be a ten minute conversation and you can happily part ways.

Next to the Broker – If your agent is being uncooperative, go to the broker to tell them what’s been going on. The broker should generally be able to handle the situation, since they know that you will next be going to the state or regional association, which they would usually like to avoid at all costs. If they support their agent after hearing about and understanding your side of the story you have two options; you can of course go to the Realtor’s Association and file a complaint, or you may want to ask friends and family if you truly have grounds to part ways with your agent.

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