Sign an Exclusive – Like we said before, many agents will want to have some kind of guarantee that you won’t all of a sudden leave them for another agent. This has absolutely nothing to do with you or your character, but everything to do with the agent being burned in the past. Most agents like to believe that their clients are theirs alone and that once they invest a certain amount of time into helping them, that their client would make sure to stick around and let the agent earn their commission. Unfortunately too many clients have either misunderstood the commission structure of real estate or they’ve not cared that the agent has invested their time, energy and gas money into the deal. To make your agents life easier, you can easily sign an exclusive contract and put their mind at ease that they will be investing in you for a reason.

Be Prepared – Your agent can tell you this all they want, but if you don’t plan on being prepared to make an offer, you will definitely lose out on a house. Being prepared to make offers shows your agent that you’re serious about buying a home and makes them feel that even if you’re picky, you do have an ultimate intention to buy. Some agents won’t even let you into their car or into the first home without you getting yourself pre-qualified (or better, pre-approved) and showing proof of funds for a down payment. This is only fair to do for an agent, since it takes about an hour or two of your time, and shows your commitment to this process. An agent will feel if they have to hound you just to get pre-approved for your own home that the entire buying process is going to be like pulling teeth. Just do your agent (and mostly yourself!) a favor and be prepared like they ask.

Listen to your Agent – If you hired your agent, hopefully you took the time to interview them and feel like you could trust in their opinion and advice. If, for any reason, you feel you don’t trust your agent or value their Denver real estate knowledge, you need to begin the steps of parting ways (read our next article for ways to do this). If you do trust your agent, however, listen to what they have to say. If you are a generally untrusting person or need second opinions, search the internet or call friends and family. Generally your agent will know the newest and most important real estate laws, and is there to give you advice. Take it. Learn from them. Understand what they’re saying and that they have your best interests in mind (hopefully).

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