House hunting in the Denver area but not sure if you want to hire a buyer’s agent to help you? Many home buyers become confused about the home buying process; they are getting advice from their parents, their co-workers, their friends, even strangers seem to want to give their two cents. Since you may already feel pulled in a few directions, the last thing you may want is a real estate agent telling you what to think. This is understandable, but the important part is hiring an experienced and credible agent, since it all depends on the kind of service and advice you’re going to be getting. Agents are well worth hiring, you just need to know what you’re getting with one. Here are just a few things your Denver agent will be doing for you.

Scheduling Showings – Scheduling showings may not sound too difficult, but it’s about ten times easier for your agent to do than for you. Real estate agents put their real estate license on the line by showing properties; it basically means that they have more to lose and will be held accountable if anything were to happen to the property. This means they are typically granted access to a home at all hours of the day, especially if it’s vacant. If you plan on contacting the listing broker or one of the Denver real estate agents on every property you’re interested in, you’ll have to schedule a time when either the listing agent can meet you or when the homeowners are home to show you the property. It may not sound too difficult until you are coordinating multiple houses, dealing with different schedules and feeling like you’re hounding down agents, who are used to just putting the showing instructions in the MLS and keeping track of which agents have been into their property.

Making Offers – Making offers by yourself can be overwhelming and downright terrifying. You’re basically signing a contract committing yourself to the biggest purchase of your life. What’s more terrifying is that there are so many ways you can accidentally forget a contingency and then you’re obligated to buy or lose your deposit. Agents know real estate laws. Sure, you can have an attorney help you draw up the contracts, but attorneys can charge up to $250/hr and many will charge you for your time whether you end up purchasing the home or not. That’s the beauty of hiring an agent, since they only collect their commission once the home is purchased.

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