When it comes to renting, it seems that most people tend to worry about the landlord’s rights; the landlord usually gets to decide what kind of lease to use, they get to run all kinds of background checks on you, and they get to approve or deny your application for residency. While it may seem like the landlord gets to run the show, tenants absolutely have their rights as well. If you’re looking to protect your rights as a tenant, here are a few things to do:

Check Reviews – One of the best things about the internet is that you can find a review about almost anything. Property management companies and landlords will often show up on review sites if they are either incredibly good, or incredibly bad. If you can’t find any information from past tenants, ask the landlord or property management company if they can provide references or comments from past tenants.

Review the Lease – Often times landlords either choose the lease or have their attorneys draw one up for them. Whichever way it has happened, the landlord seems to be in charge of the lease, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you have a great rental history and feel you’re a qualified tenant, you have negotiating power in the situation. A lease is a contract between two people, so you should feel free to read it, alter it and make negotiations where you see fit.

Keep Track – Always keep your own records, no matter how well your landlord keeps his own. Always ask for receipts for your rent checks, and make sure to take “before” pictures of your rental to have as proof. If there are any kinds of small damages to your Aurora real estate, have the landlord sign off that they acknowledge you were not the cause of the damage. Take photos once you leave as well, making sure to document anything that may cause an issue or that the landlord would want to charge you for.

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