As a new real estate agent, you may not know what kinds of tools you will need to ensure your success in the field. Even older agents who have had a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing technology may overlook the importance of certain tools in their real estate businesses.

Tools were made to make our lives easier; whether they be kitchen utensils, computer softwares or power tools, every tool has a purpose and should be able to make your life easier. If you buy and use the right real estate tools, you can easily save yourself time and make your processes more efficient. If you’ve been looking for real estate tools that can help make your life easier, try just a few of these:

Leads Organizer – Keeping track of every prospective lead you’ve met, every business card you’ve been handed and every phone call you’ve received can be entirely overwhelming, yet these are your potential clients and you should cherish their contact information as if it were the $500-$5,000 you may be making off of them in the near future. We know it sounds bad to think of people as money, but real estate is a people business; you learn to make people happy and you’re rewarded with a commission. Make sure to get yourself a leads organizer to keep track of all your potential paychecks (ahem, we mean clients) and you’ll be thanking us later.

Propagating Forms – Filling out form after form with the same information can be beyond frustrating and time-consuming. Find forms that propagate the information from a key source, like a database of yours, or even the MLS. The MLS is an incredibly interactive software that can make your life easier. Find forms, websites and marketing tools that link directly to your MLS information on your Denver Colorado homes for sale, and you can save yourself hundreds of hours of time.

E-Sign – In real estate, your signature is like gold. No one can forge it, and it’s important to have it on many legal documents. Sometimes, however, it can be an incredible pain to print off forms, sign them, scan them back in and get them to the requester in a matter of minutes. This is where an electronic signature comes in handy. You can sign without ever printing and manually writing your name! This tool is great because you are the only one with access to your account and almost every state recognizes these signatures as authentic and will hold up in the court of law.

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