Many people want to sell their homes the good old-fashioned way; by themselves. They consider hiring a real estate professional something for amateur salespeople or for rookie homeowners who don’t understand the real estate buying and selling process. In some ways they’re right. Plenty of people sell their homes “By Owner” each year, and can do so successfully, but they have to be the right kind of person to do it. Here are the kinds of people that can sell without needing to hire an agent:

Lawyers – Most state laws will allow an attorney to sell homes for sale in Denver CO without a real estate license, since they most had to learn about real estate in school. Because they are able to sell property without the help of an agent, they really have no reason to enlist the help of one, unless they’re pressed for time and understand that an agent will help make their lives easier.

Investors – Investors buy and sell properties on a weekly basis sometimes, and have gotten to understand the entire process. Investors also typically buy cash and are tremendous negotiators, leaving little need for an agent to swoop in and help them. If you are a real estate investor, you’ll typically even want to bypass all the listings that are in the MLS, since many agents don’t understand how investors operate (since they are incredibly different from regular homebuyers and sellers).

Experienced Buyers and Sellers – Experienced sellers also have less need for hiring a real estate agent to help them buy or sell. If they understand the full process of purchasing real estate, they have less need for an agent. Real estate agents typically walk their buyers and seller through the process, helping to ensure that the contract is followed correctly, that negotiations are made fair and that your home is marketed properly in the MLS and all other marketing is done. If you plan on bypassing the real estate agent for your transaction, that’s the most important thing you will need to do for yourself; market. Marketing your home without the help of a real estate agent can be incredibly difficult, since only agents have access to the Multi-Listing Service (MLS) that exposes your home to every Realtor in the region. If you plan on selling without an agent, you will need to get proactive about calling brokers and agents on your own to let them know that your home is on the market and that you would be willing to at the very least, give a buyer’s agent a commission for bringing a qualified buyer.

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