Hosting a great Open House can take some time and practice. Many homeowners are surprised to find that they have their place mats and appetizers perfectly set out, their every shelf dusted, the books in their place and not a single guest come through. Unfortunately there’s a bit more to hosting a successful Open House than just setting up and sticking a sign in the yard. Often times neighbors and friends won’t want to intrude or waste your time if they aren’t shopping for a home, but everyone has a friend who is between houses or jobs or even cities, so the more people you can invite to your Open House, the better. If you’re wondering what some of the tricks are to hosting a successful Open House, here they are:

Plan Ahead – This is where most homeowners go wrong and they just don’t seem to understand why they can’t fill their home with prospective buyers, agents and neighbors. You may have been planning for the Open House for three weeks, but if none of your marketing material has information on the date, no one will know.

Call Around – This is especially important if you’ve decided against hiring a real estate agent, since you will want as many potential buyers to come through your home as possible. Agents love Open Houses, since they can schedule three or four visits within an hour or two span of time. Give the agents as much information as you can about the property; tell them things that their buyers will love to hear, like move-in ready, or that you’re ready to negotiate on the price.

Prepare your Home – An Open House is a great thing for sellers, since you can clean and prep the house once for a showing for multiple people, whereas individual showings require a full clean out just for one potential buyer. Take this time to prep your Cherry Creek homes for sale to the best of your ability; is the fan in the vaulted room dirty? Get out the ladder and make sure it’s sparkling clean. Or maybe you’ve been putting off painting your shed. This is the best chance to show your home in a great light, don’t get lazy before you find your buyer.

Be Personable – Meet potential buyers, take an interest in their lives and their wants. You may not sell them your home, but if you’re a friendly and helpful host, they may just refer a friend to you.

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