So you’re buying a home, Congratulations! Deciding to buy can be one of the most exciting decisions you can make for yourself, and now is a great time to buy. Looking for your new home will become your newest and most important priority on your to-do list and depending on how quickly you need to move, you may be looking at houses every other night for a month!

Sometimes you can actually overdo it on the house hunting and see a few too many properties. This can easily confuse and frustrate you and turn your overabundance of options into what seems like not enough options. So how do you prioritize all these great houses without feeling like you had to walk away from great properties? Here are just a few quick tips:

Prioritize – What’s important to you in your new home? Is it the great school district for your children? Or maybe the neighborhood is great for young professionals. Maybe this home is a steal, and you want to fix it up and sell it for a profit. Unfortunately with priorities, usually only one or two can win out. Pick what’s most important to your family for the immediate future and for your five year plan. Keep in mind how many factors can change in just those short five years, and try to keep this home purchase in perspective.

Slow Down – If you start to feel overwhelmed or feel like you’re getting a pit in your stomach, slow down and listen to your intuition. Sometimes listing agents can be pushy and make you feel like you need to make a decision immediately or else the chance of a lifetime will pass you by. This is a sales tactic, and yes, many beginners can easily fall for it. If you’ve hired a buyer’s agent who you trust, let them deal with the overzealous agents while you take a breather and prepare to start hunting again.

Prepare to Strike – This may sound like the exact opposite advice as slowing down, but being prepared to make a great offer when the time is right is actually incredibly important. Great Baker real estate that is priced fair, or even a little under market value, will fly off the shelves. If you want to compete with these buyers, you’ll need to be pre-approved, have your finances in order, and be ready to make the offer as soon as you know it’s yours.

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