Looking for a broker to help you buy or sell your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Hiring a great broker means you’re hiring not only their personal expertise, but their network, connections and other professionals in their realm. So what exactly should you be looking for when you decide to hire a broker? Here are just a few qualities a great broker should have:

Salesman – Make no mistake about real estate, while it seems like architecture, gardening and fun, frilly interior designs the real business is selling. Real estate salespeople understand the importance of sales, and how a house can sit vacant for months, or even years if it’s not priced fair or if it’s not being marketed properly. Your broker should sell you on them within the first twenty minutes of meeting them. Have they told you a story about a quick sale? Have they buttered you up about your beautiful house that you’re trying to sell “By Owner”? Not everyone loves the salesperson schmoozing, but if you’re trying to sell your house, you’ll want your broker to know how to sell.

Great Reputation – A good broker will want to show off their spotless record, and they’ll typically avoid homeowners and buyers who could hurt their reputation. Great brokers are smart and won’t waste their time with the wrong kind of people. If you plan on jerking them around; looking at properties for over a year, or maybe refusing to reduce your home’s current price, they’ll walk away. It’s that simple and they do it all the time. Brokers have a reputation to uphold, and there are plenty of honest, agreeable buyers and sellers that are eager to enlist their help. If you don’t plan on treating your broker with respect and appreciation, then don’t be surprised if you lose them.

Experience – Brokers understand the importance of keeping a business going, since often times they own their own brokerage and have handled the ins and outs of selling. The first few years for a Aurora real estate broker will be the “make it or break it” years; long closing periods, contracts that have fallen through and agents that can quickly become liabilities. A broker will need to dedicate their entire world to learning the business, and that’s why only the best survive.

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