Getting your listing market-ready can feel a bit overwhelming when you’re new to the real estate game. First you have to track an owner down, usually by cold calling, set up an initial interview, wow them, then get ready to sell their home. If the process of getting listing weren’t already stressful enough, you’ll need to be successful at selling the home in order to really be a great agent. So how do you prep the home for sale? Here are just a few great tips:

Cover all your Bases – Selling a home means you will need to give full disclosure on the activities of the property, the owner and the selling agent. Of course we’re not asking you to write a tell-all about your life or the owners when you decide to list the property, but any information you can give can help a buyer decide whether they’re interested in purchasing or not. Each state may have different laws on what exactly needs to be disclosed, but a few things for sure are 1) any damages to the property that the owners are aware of. This does not hold your seller accountable for repairing the issue, it only allows your seller to be completely clear and honest with any known problems with the home. 2) a seller must clarify which kind of sale the house is being sold as, whether it’s a short sale, lis pendens or foreclosure. 3) If any party of the sale has their real estate license, this information also needs to be disclosed and in many states they’ll require the disclosure in writing.

Prep the Home for Selling – Selling a home in a buyer’s market is not always the easiest process, and many agents like to give themselves the best chance at selling the property. This is where the staging comes in; every home looks nice and clean when it’s empty, but a house full of clutter is one of the most difficult ways to sell a home. Make sure the rooms are tidy, the dishes and clean and the home is in “showing” condition for all potential buyers.

Hit the Market – Once you legal bases are covered (always best to consult a broker or Berkeley real estate attorney), and the home is shining like a diamond, it’s time to get out there and market that property! Take advantage of the MLS, free websites, cheap flyers and Open Houses. Gone are the days where you can simply list a property and have it sold in two weeks. You’ll need to work hard for your clients to get this home sold!

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