Pre-qualifying your buyers is a great idea because first of all they will know for sure how much they can buy. Secondly, and this can be incredibly frustrating, buyers will know if they are even eligible to purchase the home. Lenders have tightened up on their home buying criteria and unfortunately some home buyers are just not great candidates for owning a home. It may be that they have thousands of dollars in medical bills, tarnished credit, or an unsteady income. While you want to be sympathetic to homebuyers who realize their dream isn’t going to be a reality quite yet, you also need to know as soon as possible so you’re not wasting your precious (and unpaid) time on a dead lead.

Property Information – Your buyers may or may not know much about the properties you’re taking them to. Maybe you want to e-mail them a brief packet of pictures or print out the MLS sheet, but you should never walk into the home empty handed. The listing agent attaches all kinds of paperwork and disclosures to paint the best picture of the situation, and it’s your job as the buyer’s agent to make a buyer aware of these circumstances. For instance, if your buyer has expressed that they absolutely don’t want a fixer upper, and a listing agent has deemed a property as an “As Is” property then you need to let your buyers know before showing them and getting their hopes up.

Be Ready to Make an Offer – When you’re showing a great property you want to be ready to get an offer in as soon as possible. Bring a contract with you to the home in case the property is new on the market or just had a price reduction. Being prepared to make an offer quick is your responsibility as a buyer’s agent and it can be the difference between helping your buyer get the property of their dreams or having to walk away frustrated and discouraged.

Being prepared to show a listing is quite simple; it just takes a few practice runs and some guidance. If you’re brand new to the Denver real estate for sale world try to shadow another agent or sit with your broker and create checklists and reminders. Also, bring a legal pad to write on to remind yourself of things you may have forgotten. Real estate is a learning process, so make sure to forgive yourself on the first few mistakes.

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