Showing properties can be an exciting and fun way to meet clients, to earn a living and to really learn as much as possible about real estate and the various neighborhoods in your area. Most agents will start off as buyer’s agents, since there is a bit more work involved, and young “hungry” agents will want to make as many contacts as possible and impress as many people as possible in the first few years in order to gain referrals and grow their business. Showing properties does require a bit more work though than signing a listing agreement and slapping a lockbox on a property. If you want to be a great buyer’s agent, you’ll need to be incredibly prepared. Here are just a few ways to do that:

Search Criteria – Knowing what your buyers want is one of the most important first steps to showing homes. Of course a new buyer may not even know what they want to begin with, but the first two or three houses should give you a good idea. If your buyer isn’t very talkative or critical, make sure you ask them leading questions when you’re in a home. For instance, if a home has a big lawn, ask them, “how do you feel about the lawn size? Do you have a dog or are you needing space for children to play, or maybe want a deck or garden?” Maybe they’ve always wanted to put a pool in the backyard, or maybe they hate mowing the lawn and want the smallest space possible. These are things you just won’t know until you finally ask. Usually when you first meet up with a buyer you should know their criteria. Are they wanting a 2 bedroom home? A 4,000 square foot home? How much can they afford? Are there any “deal breakers” or “musts” they need in a home? Knowing these answers will save you hours of time and will keep your clients happy.

Pre-Qualified Buyers – One of the biggest questions for criteria will be “how much house can you afford?” and this can be a difficult question for younger or newer buyers. Most buyers have slightly unrealistic expectations of their first home, and can assume they can borrow much more than they really can. It’s your job as one of the most qualified Denver real estate agents to make sure they get pre-qualified for a loan, and even pre-approved if they can.

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