Appearance – The appearance of the home is the second reason you’re not receiving offers. This can be anything from a messy kitchen to a disheveled backyard. An unsightly appearance of a home shows that there wasn’t much care put into the property. Many buyers will assume this lack of care carried through to more serious pieces of the property, like the roof, A/C or plumbing. If your property looks like a tiny tornado stormed through it, don’t expect to receive a single offer. This is also why staging and keeping your home “show ready” is so important. If your home is regularly fairly clean, but you receive a request for a showing when you’ve just hosted a party, just had company over, or had a long week, try to hold off until you can grab the vacuum and windex.

Negotiating Style – Your negotiation tactics as a seller could actually send a buyer running. If a buyer has finally deemed your property a reasonable price and decided to view it, then found it visually acceptable and placed an offer, then you could literally be scaring away potential buyers. This is actually a mistake that many homeowners make; they feel that they’ve compromised with the listing agent on a lower asking price than they deserve, so they decide that everything from that point forward is not negotiable. Let’s say your home is worth $315,000 in a fair market, but you’ve always thought you could get $330,000. Since you finally let your agent list it at $320,000 you’ve decided that’s all you’re going to give. An offer coming in a $310,000 won’t even be entertained or countered, or even a full price offer asking you to share the closing costs will be laughed right out of your house. Sellers need to understand that if they want to sell quickly, and to a qualified buyer, they’ll need to “sweeten the pot,” or else they’re falling back into the collection of homes for sale in Denver CO that are overpriced and overlooked.

Condition – The inspection may be the final factor that’s getting in the way of selling your home. If you home needs $2,000-5,000 of work that you’re not willing to pay for, many young homeowners will quickly run. Most young and new homeowners are completely overwhelmed with the idea of owning a new home, as exciting as it is, it can also be terrifying. They’ve heard it for years from family, friends and coworkers and they don’t want to feel like they’re already walking into a money pit.

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