Real estate is sales. We could leave the article at those four words, but obviously there’s plenty to expand upon. Many people get into the real estate world without much of a grasp on what to expect. The truth is, you have to be selling; constantly. It’s even been said that the ABC’s of real estate are Always Be Closing. In real estate you’re always selling something. If you aren’t selling yourself to a homeowner or buyer you’ll need to be selling a property to a prospect, negotiating your point on a sales point and sales price and selling yourself to the local community. If you aren’t a big salesperson don’t give up hope, sales can be taught just like any other skill in life.

Selling is a skill that you can use in any area of your life, since selling yourself, selling your point of view and selling value is always important. Here are just a few ways you’ll need to sell yourself in:

Sell Yourself – This is where selling is incredibly important, since you are your own business. In other industries they tell you you’ll need to sell yourself in your interview, and you’ll need to prove your worth to your boss in order to be promoted at the appropriate times. In real estate you need to be constantly selling yourself to your clients, both old and new. Old clients are valuable because they can refer friends and family to you, whereas new clients will need your undivided attention to feel appreciated.

Sell Your Listings – When a homeowner lets you list their property, they’re hiring you for your selling expertise. When you have a listing, it becomes your responsibility to sell that home at any cost. This can mean calling other brokers to let them know a new property is available on the market, or hosting open houses twice a month.

Sell Your Opinion – Your expert opinion is only as valuable as you believe. You can know everything there is to know about home values, legal documents and homeowner’s associations, but unless you speak with authority and conviction, your buyers and sellers aren’t going to believe in you. As a Berkeley real estate agent you need to sell your opinion to your clients, especially when it comes to pricing. Most buyers and sellers have a decent grasp on pricing, but a property just $10,000 over fair market value can kill a deal. In order to close deals and make sales, you’ll need to convince both sides of the transaction that they’re getting a good deal.

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