As a top real estate company in the mile high city, we understand that the sky is the limit when it comes to your real estate business. If you’ve made it through the recession as a real estate agent then you know you can be successful in this industry, and you’ve probably found ways to turn the national recession and real estate bubble burst into an opportunity to find first-time homebuyers properties, as well as capitalize on the investors who have flooded the market. It’s clear you now know what you’re doing; you’ve marketed yourself well and you’re no longer struggling for business the way you may have been just a few, short years ago. So what can you do to grow your business now that you’ve got a firm grasp of the basics?

Value your Time – Now that you understand the time-old phrase, “time is money,” you’re probably starting to value your time more than anything. This is why tracking your daily activities is crucial to growing your business. If you can find minutes, or even hours, that are being lost each day to distractions, procrastinating or unproductive activities, you can replace those daily occurrences and replace them with productive, income generating ones.

Hire an Assistant – We all have a few daily responsibilities that we’d rather not do; we’d probably actually prefer to have a root canal than some of them. Hire a personal assistant to help you with the mundane, meticulous, or downright time wasting tasks, like filing or filling out paperwork or grabbing tomorrow’s suit from the dry cleaners’. If you’re valuing your time and making the money you deserve, you do yourself a favor and eliminate the activities in life you’d rather avoid. Be careful not to give your assistant too many defining tasks, like cold calling, marketing, or representing you. You are your business, you are the face of your company and the voice of your company. Replacing yourself in that respect is a big no-no.

Reinvest in your Business – Now that you’re bringing in the big bucks, you have some breathing room to reinvest. All successful businesses reinvest in their growth, and your Berkeley real estate business should be no different. Look into some of the tools that can make your life easier, be smart about your business spending, just because you have the money to spend, doesn’t necessarily make every business investment a good one. Think about opportunity costs and set a firm budget for yourself.

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