Don’t Sign an Exclusive – All buyers are not created equal; some like to peruse the inventory for months or even years, whereas others need to buy immediately, and are willing to pay a bit more for timeliness. All agents are not created equal either; some like the fast sale, whereas others like to develop a relationship with their clients and feel they’ve helped meet their needs. If you’re looking to buy quickly, and you need to be house hunting almost every day for a few weeks, make sure not to sign an exclusive agreement with another agent. As much as we understand we agents like to see some loyalty for their time, energy and money spent on each client, some clients know that just one agent will not do the trick. If an agent has any block out times or dates over the course of the next week you will need to either contact agents directly or hire two to three agents to show you prospective homes. What you can do as a non-exclusive client is to be extremely respectful of each agent’s time; try meeting them at each home instead of having them drive you around, and always be on-time for showings.

Find a Great Negotiator – If you’re not a great negotiator, you’ll want to look for an agent who is. Negotiating is one of the most difficult and rewarding skills a person can hone in their lifetime and some real estate agents are born negotiators. Believe it or not, your time crunch can be used as an asset, especially if you’ve prepared yourself for buying quickly. Some homeowners may be overwhelmed by your closing date, but most will welcome it with open arms. Use a quick closing date to negotiate yourself the best price possible. Make sure you’re agreeable on many of the terms; try to do a three day inspection period instead of a seven or ten day period. Be agreeable on closing costs and absolutely make sure that you’re a no-brainer candidate for the homeowners. This would require you to get yourself pre-qualified for a loan, maybe even be willing to put down a larger deposit, and be as courteous and friendly with the homeowners as possible. Believe it or not, some homeowners will refuse to sell their home if they feel the buyer has been rude, careless or negligent, especially if they love their home and community. Many homeowners will sell their Denver real estate for sale to someone they believe their neighbors will love and someone who will put the love and care into their home that they did.

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