Buying a home is a lengthy and exciting process; you first need to find and hire a real estate agent that you like and trust, then you wait on appointments and showings to be scheduled, then you look through sometimes hundreds of homes before finally falling in love with just one. House hunting can be exactly what you want it to be; if you’re an aggressive person who knows what they want, you can have an aggressive search, or if you’re diligent and make calculated decisions, you can move more slowly and thoroughly. If you’re looking to get a great deal on a home, however, you may want to step up your game. You’re up against not only other homebuyers, but the investors who can swoop in with a cash offer and quick closing date. If you want to ramp up your house hunting experience, here are a few suggestions:

Divide and Conquer – If you’re searching with a partner, set strict guidelines for the kind of home you’re looking to purchase. Divide up your most desirable areas and trust each other to find something that fits your wants and needs. If your agent is wanting to help, give them a completely separate neighborhood. Your agent will pride himself on delivering you great Denver Colorado homes for sale, so be as clear about your wants and needs to begin with, and you can skip through hours of looking at homes you don’t want.

Contact Agents Directly – Unfortunately, some home buyers are more aggressive than their agents. Sometimes the agent is new and timid, other times they have too many priority clients. Sadly, sometimes you may have chosen a real estate agent who isn’t up to speed and doesn’t care to be. You, as a homebuyer, can contact the listing agents directly and set up your own showings. Make sure to tell them that you do have a real estate agent, or else they’ll give you all kinds of pitches about why to hire them. You can coordinate showings on your own and can speed up the process. Make sure to check your agreement with your current real estate agent to see if there are any ways to break the contract, if they are not living up to your expectations.

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