Moving for a Career – Moving for a career can be tough, and it’s important to consider all of the factors before making the move. How well do you know this new company? Are you familiar with the area? Are you sure your children will adapt as well as you will? Does the money support the idea of moving? Is your new company willing to pay relocation costs, or will you be paying for them personally? Often times, a move for money alone won’t be the answer to life’s problems. If you are moving to a home town, or closer to family and friends, you may be more confident in the direction you’re heading. If you already have your doubts, trust your instincts, and consider other options, like renting in your new town and finding a renter to help pay your mortgage down on your current home.

Downsizing – Downsizing is an easy answer; move! This one has little considerations; maybe you’re too bogged down by the mortgage payments, or you’re sick of cleaning a seven-room house. Maybe you’re an empty-nester and the emptiness reminds you of your life before your children moved on. For whatever reason you may have, if your house is too large, there’s almost no other option but to move.

Best Reasons to Move – You may think as a real estate company we must have gone crazy to help you rethink your decision to move. We love our business, and would love to help anyone buy or sell their home. We also have seen heartache and regret from choosing to move without considering all the factors. There are quite a few great reasons to move, however, and here are just a few:

  • Moving Closer to Family and Friends – If you’re a family person, you’ll always feel right at home in your hometown, or down the street from your childhood home. Many families decide to move closer to their parents to help out with young ones, or to just have a closer relationship.
  • Buying a Second Home or Income Property – The prices, interest rate, and entire real estate market have created the perfect storm for potential landlords. While you won’t necessarily be “moving,” an investment property is always a great purchase. Make sure you have one of the best Denver real estate agents to help you locate the best deals in the best neighborhood
  • You Feel Overwhelmed by your Current Situation – Stress runs rampant in the U.S., and many homeowners feel overwhelmed by their impulse (or, even carefully thought out) home purchase. If you feel you’ve gotten yourself in above your head (maybe the payments are draining your savings account, or maybe it’s a fixer upper turned money pit) get out as soon as possible. A home should be the place you feel comfortable and at ease, not the place that racks your brain and wears you out.

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