Moving for More Space – Your family needing more space is a common reason to pick up and move. As long as you’re not considering the short sale option and you feel your home is still worth what you paid, you may want to consider an add-on, or purchasing a storage unit. If you have the money and aren’t looking at the loss of equity, moving to a bigger home is a nice upgrade, but many homeowners feel torn, since they’ve grown into (and out of) their current home, and wish it just had more space to accommodate them. If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, try looking at your options. You can always add space to an existing home, as long as your lot can handle it. Look into permits and talk to architects and contractors before making your final decision. Adding space to a home will always add value, but it’s important to know how much. Contact a local real estate agent and ask them to do a neighborhood evaluation and comparative market analysis of the homes for sale in Denver, Co. Try to balance the gained equity and expenses of an add-on compared to the cost of moving.

Moving to Upgrade – Upgrading is no different than moving for more space, and you’ll want to be very careful about your decision. If you’re in your dream neighborhood, or are reluctant to move, consider putting in the upgrades yourself. Contact three to five contractors to get preliminary estimates and know how much you can realistically expect to increase your equity. Some neighborhoods offer a small 60% return on investment, which makes upgrading feel like a waste of money. Other neighborhoods have an average of 75-85% ROI, which makes you feel like you’re not only upgrading for your present situation, but for the future, when your home sells.

Changing School Districts – Changing school districts is a simple consideration that can make a world of difference. Are you in a district where your children are happy, have friends, and are constantly learning and kept stimulated? Parents always want what is best for their children, but uprooting them in the middle of their education can be difficult. Make sure you’ve considered your children’s education in the decision to move and that you have a plan B, or even plan C, in case they’re not feeling at home in their new environment.

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