Gifting for someone’s home can be incredibly tricky, unless you’re an interior designer, or know their sense of style very well. Add on the stress of last minute shopping, and you can very easily have a Christmas gift disaster instead of the well-thought out, perfect holiday gift that everyone wants to give. If you’re thinking of making a last minute purchase for someone’s home, there are just a few tips you will want to follow:

Don’t Over-personalize – One of the worst gifts to receive when it’s not your style, is something personalized with a name or initials on it. Not only can your gift recipient not return or exchange the item, they also can’t re-gift it, or even just pass it to a friend who might like it. Unless someone asks specifically for the item, try not to over personalize the gift.

Do Find out what they Need – One of the best ways to get someone a gift for their home is to find out what they really need and want. A lot of the times your friends and family will already have their home decorated to their liking, or they’ll have everything they already need. One tricky way to find out what they need is to wrap an empty box with their name on it, so they think their present has already been bought, then ask for them to help you last minute Christmas shop. They’ll already assume you got them something, so they won’t feel bad saying exactly what they do and don’t like, because they won’t feel like they’re asking for it, or implying that they want it.

Focus on the Exterior – The exterior of the house is always a great idea for neighbors and friends you may not know very well. These gifts are great because you already know whether they have the gift or not by looking at their home, and if you haven’t been inside their house yet, you can still match the décor to their exterior. If your friend, family member, or new neighbor happened to purchase a piece of Baker real estate, you know how wonderful the architecture is of both old and newer homes. They look great with hanging plants, rocking chairs on the porch and fun mailboxes or welcome signs.

Worst Case Scenario – Of course the option of a giftcard is always a good fallback, especially if you don’t know the gift recipient very well. These are great gifts for college students, young couples and new families.

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