The holidays are a great time for new neighbors; everyone is on their best behavior, and the neighborhoods look cheerful and festive with their holiday decorations. If you have a family, friend or new neighbor that just moved into their home around the holidays, there are plenty of fun gift ideas you can give them. Here are just a few:

Wreath – Whether they have three wreaths from their old home, or none, this is a great gift, since it marks their first holiday in the new home. You can go with a live wreath, made of pine needles and berries, or a fake wreath they can keep for years to come.

Moving Help – One of the most stressful things about moving during the holidays, is people hate asking friends and family for help. Plenty of people have holiday parties to attend, or they may be travelling, or they may even be working extra hours to get through the holiday season. You can give them the gift of labor during the holidays; maybe volunteer yourself for an eight hour day of helping. Trust us; they’ll be more than grateful.

Cooking Class – Whether a famous chef or a regular housewife moved in next door, a great housewarming gift could be a cooking class. Many cooking instructors are now traveling to homes to do fun classes for homeowners and friends. Everyone loves cooking during the holidays, and this is one way to add a new recipe to your friend’s collection while making her feel at home in the new house.

Holiday Tour – Welcoming new neighbors during the holidays is always fun; you can have a traveling party in their honor! Traveling parties offer a chance for everyone to open up their homes to new and old neighbors; where they can cook a meal, make a drink, and entertain for a short 20-30 minutes. This would be a great way to make your new neighbor feel welcome in the community while celebrating the holidays yourselves!

Shoveling – If you live in a northern neighborhood that experiences snow storms, hail and the occasional night of sleet, you can offer to let your new neighbors borrow your equipment or you can teach them how to shovel their driveway and sidewalk. This is a really great gift if your new neighbors are southerners, who may not know what to expect with the winter months. You’ll help them adjust their winter lifestyle and they’ll be very appreciative.

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