The holidays are a great time to begin your house hunting; you have little competition in the buying pool and sellers that need to sell immediately may be more willing to negotiate, since they know you could be one of their only offers for months. House hunting during the holiday season can also add a bit of stress to an already stressful time of year. If you’re planning on house hunting during the holiday season, use these tips to find yourself the best deals:

Interview Agents – The winter months tend to slow down for house hunting, even in the warmer states. People are too busy planning for the holidays to be looking at houses, which is great news for you; you have your pick of the top realtors! Make sure you use this to your advantage by calling around local brokers and asking for their top performers. Find at least three major agents and grab a coffee to talk strategy and see how well you mesh.

Talk to Mortgage Brokers – Brokers are actually a better option right now that lenders, since a broker has negotiation power. Interest rates are in the fours, something absolutely worth taking advantage of. Mortgage brokers tend to be easier to work with, since they offer personalized service and you may make a new friend or neighbor out of the deal.

Be respectful – The holidays can take a lot out of people; not only are they saving up for gifts and traveling across state lines, the holidays are also a break in routine. Agents, sellers and professionals have their children off school, families visiting from all over the country, and plenty of other distractions. If you plan on house hunting for Denver real estate for sale during these already hectic times, make sure you are respectful of everyone’s time. If you’re just interested in looking, try choosing a time after the holidays.

Use Time to your Advantage – The holidays are a great time to use your negotiation skills wisely. If a seller is eager to get out, you may offer them a quick closing, This can be great for sellers trying to relocate for a new job, or getting their kids into a new school district after the holiday break. Whatever you decide, you have time on your side, so use it wisely.

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