House hunting is an exciting, yet exhausting process; you find a house you hate, one you love, one that’s overpriced, another is perfect, but now active with contract. It seems sometimes like you may never find a home. Then, alas! You find your dream home. You may have had to fight for it, you may have even overpaid for it, but it’s yours!

This is the problem with a lot of homebuyers, they think they’re out of the woods as soon as the offer is accepted. Unfortunately, many find that that’s when the real work begins. Inspections, lenders and even the city can come in between you and your new home. So how exactly can these push back or even cancel your closing date? Here are just a few ways:

The Loan – Your lender is allowing you to borrow a nice chunk of their money to purchase your home. Sure, you may have the credit, the income and the down payment, but they want to be absolutely positive that they’ll get this money back. Contrary to popular belief, many banks don’t like foreclosing; it’s a huge hassle, they can lose up to years of interest payments. If you have any issues with your addresses, your last name or your social security number, you loan processor may want proof of previous residences, your birth certificate and any marriage licenses or legal documents with your new last name. If there are issues with your credit or income, you can expect an even more extensive process to verify that you are able to repay this loan.

The Inspection – Your inspection could push back your closing very easily; if your inspection turns up too many issues—electrical, foundation, plumbing, appliances, etc. and the seller can’t afford to fix these issues, you may not even close at all. After your inspection, you will go back into another set of negotiations, since the best Denver real estate agents would have placed an inspection contingency in your contract. The seller should attempt to accommodate some of your demands, since they will want to get their home sold, but you will have to come to an agreement on just about every item.

Permits – If the home had gone under serious renovations without getting the right city permits, you could run into problems. Your real estate agent should know how to handle any issues with permits, and will know how to rectify the situation.

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