While selling strategy is essential when looking to hire a good listing agent, you’ll also need to know they plan on pricing your home. Often times, although a real estate agent is more skilled in pricing homes, they will want to be much more aggressive than you will in selling quickly. This is another key difference in real estate in areas like Cherry Creek; more expensive homes tend to take a bit longer to sell. Not only are buyers more conscious of their money, but jumbo loans (loans of $417,000 or more) tend to take longer to process and approve. If you have the time and patience to wait for the right price on your home, you need to be honest with the listing agent from the start. If you and the agent are over 15% off on an agreed listing price, you may need to find an agent willing to work closer towards your number. If you feel that every agent has fallen in the same price range, you may need to adjust your expectations. It’s very common for sellers to think their Cherry Creek homes for sale are somehow special or above fair market value. If you don’t receive at least one offer in 45 days on the market, you may need to lower your list price.

When hiring a Buyer’s Agent – Hiring a buyer’s agent is a bit more difficult, since a buyer’s agent can show you their past sales, but can’t quantify any of their data. With a listing agent, they may have a great closing percentage, or sell within a certain time frame. They have numbers to show their performance. With a buyer’s agent, sometimes they can’t show that they were able to shave off thousands of the asking price, since the buyer may have adamantly wanted to offer full price to guarantee the acceptance. When looking for a buyer’s agent, you’re better off looking at their references and recommendations. Many agents are versatile, and understand that giving the client what they want is paramount. A good agent will have rave reviews across the board; whether their buyer was looking for a quick, cash closing on a fixer upper, or they were a young family looking for months for the perfect, move-in ready home. If the buyers were looking for a steal, the agent will have gotten them one, or if they were admittedly picky, but the agent remained persistent and motivated, a good review should tell that as well.

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