Hiring an agent to help you buy or sell property in Cherry Creek is a bit different than other suburbs of Denver, mostly because Cherry Creek’s real estate market is so different. Home values in Cherry Creek average price index is around $560,000, much higher than the National average of $150,000. With homes priced up to five times more than other areas, Cherry Creek’s real estate market is filled with competitive real estate agents fighting for your business.

Since real estate agents typically make 3% of the list price of the home (on both the buying and selling side), their average commissions on a home are at about $16,800. Compare that to the $4,500 average commission on a $150,000 home and you can see why real estate is such a lucrative and competitive market in Cherry Creek. Just because the commissions are higher, however, does not mean that real estate agents are necessarily more experienced or qualified to handle your business. Like any market, you will need to find the best agent to represent you in your purchase or sale.

When hiring a Listing Agent – When you’re hiring a listing agent to represent you in the sale of your property, you’ll want to know their exact selling strategy. Some listing agents hold weekly Open Houses, whereas others focus their marketing online or by calling out other real estate agents to let them know a new listing is on the market. In markets with more expensive real estate, agents often hold “Broker’s Opens,” which are similar to Open Houses but have one major difference; they are not open to the public. A Broker’s Open is a great tool for high-end Cherry Creek and Baker real estate, since the agent is essentially inviting the real estate community into your home to show them first. This is a great way to network with other brokers and agents, and to see if they may have any clients looking for something similar to your home.

While Broker’s Opens are a great selling technique, they usually won’t sell your home on their own. When you’re interviewing a listing agent, make sure they do a combination of the four techniques; an initial Broker’s Open to introduce the property onto the market, ongoing online marketing, at least one Open House per month to showcase your home to local buyers and constant networking with other agents through phone calls and e-mails.

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