So you’re buying your first family home, how exciting! Whether you have a baby on the way, one in mind, or a new youngster in the family, you’ve probably learned that “having a baby changes everything.” You need to keep in mind that you’ll be raising a young child in this new home and that their safety and happiness now needs to be factored into your decision. Here are just a few things to consider:

School District – Even though this may be a starter home and you may have plans to move out within five years, you should always look at the school district you’re buying in. Typically, buying in a good district will put you close to other families, and could lead to childhood friends for your children. Even if you plan on moving before your children are in grade school, you will most likely be selling to other families, who will appreciate any of your family-friendly adjustments, add-ons and furnishings. Also, homes in good school districts tend to sell faster, since plenty of families will buy based on that factor alone.

Floor Plan – Floor plan is a serious factor in buying a family home; it’s time to think of your children or future children. Will you want stairs with children under the age of three? Would you want your children to be separated from you or downstairs if the master bedroom is upstairs? Would the nursery have to be across the house, or far from your bedroom? These are all very important questions to ask yourself.

Add-ons and Adjustments – Open spaces are always great for young families; you can cook or clean while keeping an eye on your children from various rooms of the house. Flexibility is always important for a growing family. It’s also important to look at the neighborhood and see if other families have built add-ons onto their homes. These neighbors will likely have made it easier for you to do your own add-ons by setting a precedent for a growing and expanding neighborhood.

Backyard – Now that you have children to think of, the backyard becomes a huge factor in your decision; this will be where your kids can play safely while you watch from the kitchen, where they have birthday parties and camp-style sleepovers, where you’ll make memories with your family from a young age. You need to decide whether you feel comfortable with a pool or not, and how much space you’re looking for. Big yards are great for playing, but keep in mind that you have to somehow cut all that grass!

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