If you know anything about the Federal Fair Housing Laws that have been enacted over the past 50 years, you know that discrimination in housing is a big “no –no.” You cannot discriminate against a potential renter or home buyer based on religion, race, gender, age or disability. There is, however, one gleaming exception to this rule; prospective buyers or renters over the age of 55. How is it that retirees are the exception to this rule? Lifestyle.

Buying a home in a 55+ community is a huge decision, and many older Americans wonder if it’s right for them. They’ve always heard jokes of retirees running the golf courses, and taking water aerobics classes and knitting for fun. Many young, vibrant retirees may think a 55+ community means living a cookie cutter kind of life, but there are actually plenty of advantages to buying in a more mature community. Here are just a few:

Staying Active – Retirement for many Americans doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on the couch watching re-runs of Matlock. Retirement should be the adventure you had to delay for years and years to work. Now that you have both a steady income of savings in addition to all the free time in the world, many retirees plan on getting back into good health, trying new hobbies and enjoying the great outdoors.

Staying Social – One of the biggest problems with retirement is that you don’t know what to do with yourself after all of these years. Living in a regular neighborhood with young adults, and growing families may seem out of your realm and you may not have anything in common with neighbors who live just 50 feet away. Another downfall of retirement is the lack of social interaction; you no longer have work friends and work functions to keep you busy. Staying social, however, is a huge part of staying young, vibrant, and full of life. There are plenty of social community homes for sale in Denver CO for retired or older residents.

Helpful Services – A 55 and up community is not, by any means, a nursing home or “assisted living” center. You will not be supervised or treated like a dependent, but you will have access to concierge services that cater to your needs as a retiree. Maybe you want your laundry done or your prescriptions picked up for you, or maybe you travel a lot and want neighbors who could watch your cat or dog that don’t already have their own five children and three pets to deal with. At an older community you will find people more in your similar situations, and with your similar lifestyles.

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