Selling your home in the winter may not be ideal; buyers tend to slow down in the winter seasons, buyers with children don’t want to move their kids to a different school or town, and agents tend to recommend waiting until the market picks in order to get the best possible offer. While selling a home in the winter season isn’t quite ideal, some homeowners find themselves in a bind, possibly a job offer in a new state or a divorce or death in the family. For whatever reason it may be, you need to sell, and fast.

Selling in the winter isn’t much more difficult than any other season; you’re just pushing to a smaller market of buyers. Since the supply tends to be higher than the demand, buyers have more options, and you’re much less likely to see a multiple offer situation. In order to make your home the most appealing on the market, follow these easy tips:

Make it Safe – If buyers can’t get from their car to your front door, you’re going to have a hard time selling. Any good listing agent will tell you when you first list your property that you need to keep your walkways and driveways shoveled and safe for prospective buyers.

Make it Warm – One of the perks of selling in the winter is that buyers will appreciate a warm, “homey” feel. Make sure to keep the thermostat at a decent temperature, or light candles or even a fire in the fireplace for showings

Make it Cozy – Buyers love a house with the potential to be a “home.” Show them your house is that home by offering up holiday decorations, fresh-baked cookies and a delightful showing experience for them.

Play up the Positives – Winter comes with plenty of positives; bright, natural light, a white, cloudy outdoor space, and the cool chill to keep buyers focused on the interior of the home. Snowfall can help hide an empty or less than ornate landscaping, and holiday lights may play up the great architectural lines of your home.

Make it the Best Time to Buy – Winter is typically considered the worst time to buy, based on timing and the slow in the market, but if you do it right, you’re showing buyers all the reasons why to buy your home. Did you get a new water heater recently? Or are your appliances energy efficient? Maybe your neighborhood handles the winter amazingly, with community events, decorations and priority on being plowed and d-iced. Play up your winter home and show the buyer exactly why your Denver real estate for sale is their best option.

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