Buying and selling real estate without a professional, licensed real estate agent can be incredibly tricky and often times, can land you in a mess. If you have plenty of knowledge of real estate, marketing and legal matters, however, you may be able to sell “For Sale by Owner” and save yourself a six percent commission.

You understand the real estate market – Knowing the real estate market is crucial if you plan on selling your home on your own. Pricing your own home is one of the most difficult things in real estate, since often times home owners think their home is special or extraordinary. Another way to price your property wrong is to look at listing prices, instead of SOLD prices. Your next door neighbor with a very similar may have listed their home for $250,000, but after six months of zero showings and offers, their real estate agent may have suggested to list at a more reasonable fair market value of $220,000, which landed them an offer just weeks later. If you only knew the $250,000, you may assume they were able to get their full asking price for their home and list yours accordingly. Basically, the way real estate agents say it is that “anyone can list their home for any amount, however, a correctly priced piece of property will sell within one to two months, and an overpriced home will not.”

You know marketing very well – One of the biggest things homeowners don’t understand about real estate is marketing. Your agent is an expert in networking, marketing and advertising, and they know exactly how to get your home the exposure it needs. If you think you can and will take the initiative to get your Cherry Creek homes for sale up on the online listing sites and in newspapers, you have a start on what your listing agent would be doing. Real estate agents not only have access to the MLS, but they also have so many connections in the real estate industry that often times they already know of two or three potential buyers before even listing your property.

You understand the legalities involved – If you plan on selling without a real estate agent, it’s imperative that you have an experienced attorney or title company help walk you through the contracts. If you are short selling your property, you will need a short sale specialist to work with your mortgage company, and it would completely behoove you to hire an agent, since you’re selling for a loss already.

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