Like we said before, buying and selling a home without a real estate agent can be challenging. If you attempt to buy or sell without an agent before you’re fully prepared, you can find yourself in a very messy situation. If you do feel ready, however, you may be able to save yourself some money and negotiate the deal on your own.

You know how to negotiate – One of the most important things you will need to do if you try buying without an agent is negotiate the price on a home that you want. This can be incredibly difficult, since you have no middle men helping you come to an agreement, and typically agents can help make sure everyone ends up happy. If you’re buying a home that is also not listed in the MLS with an agent, then you should expect that the homeowner would be willing to split the six percent commission that you are both saving on the sale of the home. If you are buying a home that is listed with a real estate agent, however, you may hit some resistance on saving yourself any money at all. Real estate agents will want their full six percent commission, and they tend to get even more excited when a buyer comes in without representation, since they are only obligated to split the commission with a procuring agent. If you do understand the art of negotiating, though, you may still be able to negotiate a lower price or convince the agent to lower their commission instead.

You understand your options are much more limited – If you’re trying to avoid dealing with a real estate listing agent on any homes for sale in Denver CO, you need to understand that you are drastically cutting your options. FSBO’s only account for about 20% of the available properties on the market. Unless you are able to negotiate with a listing agent, your options will be drastically reduced.

You know your rights as a buyer – Buyers tend to have more rights than sellers, especially when a real estate agent is looking out for them. Buyers can place contingencies in the sales contract that allow them to get out of the sale without losing their deposit. Just a few of these exit stipulations are contingent upon an inspection, obtaining financing, and even waiting to see if their own home can sell before buying a new one!

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