DO: Get to know your Agent – Knowing your real estate agent is one of the most important things you can do in the home buying process; they are representing you in one of the biggest transactions of your life. Interview multiple agents and brokers before making a decision on who to choose. Many agents will gladly welcome you into their office and set aside time to get to know you. This is incredibly important from the beginning, since you’ll be spending lots of time together and need to be on the same page.

DON’T: Disrespect other’s time – Just because agents are willing to go out of their way to earn your business, doesn’t mean you have the right to disrespect them and their time. Real estate agents work on commission only, meaning their time is theirs to use—wisely. If they aren’t actively working with buyers or sellers, they aren’t making money to live on. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t contact them with questions and concerns, this only means that you need to respect that they have other clients, and a life of their own. Calling at midnight because you found a house online you’d like to see, or texting them addresses throughout the day can become obnoxious.

DO: Be Sure you want to Buy – This is another way to show your agent that you respect their time. It’s always important to get yourself pre-qualified with a broker and to know that you are ready to buy. One of the most frustrating things for an agent is showing a buyer tens, or sometimes hundreds of properties without even a single offer. If you’re just interested in looking for the time being, coordinate your own showings with listing agents and let them know that you’re interested, but not sure if you’re ready to buy. Listing agents love working with unrepresented clients, because it’s their chance to turn you into theirs.

DON’T: Hesitate once you’ve found it – Yes, we’ve been in a buyer’s market for the past few years. No, that does not mean every buyer has all the power in the world. If you’ve found a home that you love that’s priced right, or even below market value, you need to make an offer immediately. Great Berkeley real estate doesn’t just sit on the market, and many buyers are surprised to find that their dream home that they needed time to “sleep on” got swept out from under them just hours after seeing it.

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