Buying and selling real estate can be extremely confusing for new buyers and homeowners. Unfortunately, it’s not something we learn about in school, and unless our parents made a point to teach us, it’s basically like learning a foreign language. We put together a simple list of real estate questions to help:

Listing your Home for more – Many homeowners think that listing their home for more than it’s worth will get them the price they’re really after. This couldn’t be more false. Homes that are listed over market value tend to have far fewer showings, since buyers are concerned that you may be unreasonable about your price.

Location, location, location – This is complete fact, and can be a complete shock to buyers who are unaware. Prime locations can come with prime price tags. Downtowns, for instance, can be up to five times the price per square foot as homes in the outskirts of town.

Selling without an Agent saves you money – This is both true and false. If you know what you’re doing, if you have a trusted real estate attorney and/or title company, and if you know how to negotiate, then you can surely sell your home for what it’s worth. If you haven’t had the best luck in negotiations, if you are unsure of the fair market value for your home, and if you’ve just begun learning about real estate, you might not have much success in a For Sale by Owner scenario.

You don’t have many options for brokers – This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Denver Colorado homes for sale, is that you have to list with your local broker, or your neighbor who got their real estate license five years ago as a hobby. In reality, you can list your home with any broker in your entire state. Of course, most people would rather go with a local broker, since they know the area, prices, and have plenty of connections.

You shouldn’t rent your home – Many homeowners are worried to rent their home when they’re in the process of selling. In reality, you should look at all of your options for your home. Did you need to move? Is the home sitting vacant? Believe it or not, people actually prefer to see a home with furniture, even if it’s not their style, since vacant rooms can actually look smaller and give off a dreary effect. Make sure if you rent the home, that the renter is ok with showings and that they will keep the home in tidy condition.

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