Luckily, for us Coloradoans, hurricane proofing our homes is rarely an issue, but as the hurricane season has been surging through the south and northeast, we decided to compile a handy list of hurricane proofing ideas for our friends and family out east. Here are just a few quick ways to keep your home secure during a major storm:

Reinforce your Windows – We’ve all seen hurricane shutters, and we’ve all seen the cheaper version of taping your windows in case they shatter. Taping your windows is really a waste of time and does not protect you against high speed winds and serious storms. If you want a temporary solution, you’ll need to reinforce your windows with plywood or steel. If you live in an area where you’ll be experiencing multiple hurricanes each season, you may want to invest in impact resistant windows or hurricane shutters.

Secure your Garage – Did you know that almost 80% of hurricane damage begins with wind entry through the garage doors. Garage doors are typically made of lightweight materials, and are extremely vulnerable to high winds. Reinforcing your garage door could become a major expense, as an impact resistant door can cost up to $1,200. Luckily, you can hire a contractor to reinforce your garage for about $600, or you can go ahead and do it yourself with plywood or steel for just the cost of materials.

Trim your Trees – Falling trees and branches have caused millions of dollars in damage every year. Luckily, homeowners can easily keep track of their trees and branches by inspecting trunks and major limbs. You’ll need to look for damage and disease in the trees, any mushrooms growing from the bark or dark, moldy looking spots are signs of decay, and you should contact a tree removal service to evaluate the tree. You should also look at limbs that hang over your home, and ones close to power lines. Many homeowners think that since the city is in charge of the power lines, it’s not their responsibility, but you could be avoiding major damage, and even a fire by taking care of it yourself.

Secure Outdoor Items – You’d be surprised how many homeowners spend hours securing the house itself and completely miss their own front and back yards. Even potted plants and garden gnomes can become flying objects when the wind picks up, so it’s important to bring any lawn items inside. Tables, chairs and grills all need to go into the garage or shed to guarantee they don’t damage your home or car. Denver Colorado homes for sale often have signs and sales materials outside, and if you’re experiencing storm conditions, it’s best to bring anything indoors.

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