Another great perk of starting out with a nationally branded real estate broker is that they have systems in place; from online purchase and sales agreements to procedures walking you through the best closing experience possible, they have built systems that are tested and effective and you can feel structured from the very beginning.

Commission splits are a big deal when considering a broker and a national brand may cost you a bit more upfront than a boutique brokerage. If you know anything about franchises, you understand that your broker will be paying the national brand either a percentage of their profits or a set rate per month of operating under their name. These funds help pay for the mass of national advertising that is beneficial to your own personal business, but typically, it means you’ll be paying more as an agent to help cover these costs. Overall, starting with a bigger, branded broker may be a good start for new real estate agents that don’t understand the intricacies of owning your own real estate business.

Boutique Brokerage – A small, relatively unfamiliar broker may seem like the lesser choice at first, since you may have never heard of them, and it’s easy to assume they aren’t doing as much business as a national broker may be. You could easily be assuming wrong, since boutique brokers can hang with the bigger agencies for quite a few reasons.

Boutique brokers help create their own brand and image, something that franchised brokers can’t. Not only will your broker have creative freedom for their marketing and advertising, you, as a Aurora real estate agent should want to promote yourself as an individual as well. Boutique agencies are perfect for branding machines, who can take control of their own image and can built report without the help of a brand name.

Most importantly, boutiques have a more tight-knit feel for your clients who are looking for one-on-one attention. Many times clients can be intimidated by the bigger brokers, thinking that they will have more clients and that their $100,000 home isn’t worth an agent’s time. Often times, boutique agencies depend on word of mouth advertising, meaning their reputation needs to be spotless, and they need to turn each satisfied client into a referring customer. More than anything, it’s important to base your decision on the kind of training and support you will need, whether you will be fed leads and potential customers, and what kind of commission splits they use.

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