Buying a new home can be an incredibly exciting process; you’re getting to choose your first home, or maybe a step up from a starter home, or even the place where you can retire. No matter what kind of home you’re buying, most people will want a place with a minimal immediate investment. This means you’ll need to be extremely cautious when house hunting, since even the smallest wear can turn out to be a major repair. Here are just some of the things to look for when you’re purchasing a new property:

Kitchen – A full kitchen remodel can easily cost you $20,000 – $25,000 for a basic model. Cabinets can actually be one of the most costly purchases, ranging from $2,000 up to $10,000, depending on the kind you want and how large your kitchen is. Don’t forget to add in the cost of installation, which can be hundreds more. Counter tops are something you can get away cheap with, but like anything in life, you’ll get exactly what you pay for. If you want a high-end look in your kitchen, countertops is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. On the other side of the token, if your countertops are far below the quality of craftsmanship of the rest of your home, it will show. Appliances are another costly expense, and you’ll want to make sure they’re in complete working order before even putting a bid on any homes for sale in Denver CO. If you want to do a mini inspection, try running a bit of water in the dishwasher and make sure the burners of the stove all work. A broken or faulty appliance can be used for negotiating power. Some buyers may have the mentality of buying something they absolutely hate instead of something they don’t love, since they will plan and budget for a remodel.

Bathrooms – Kitchens are easily the most expensive room for repairs, but bathrooms are shortly behind. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could be looking at a $4,000 up to $10,000 just for a remodel. Kitchens and baths are easily the most difficult rooms to remodel or update, since they involve plumbing. Make sure when you’re looking at properties to check for leaks or cracks in the toilet, tub and sink. Leaking pipes are another major expense, especially on the second floor, so keep an eye out for water damage or the access panel behind the tub.

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