When buying a new home, many new house hunters can be attracted to the idea of an established neighborhood, lots of square footage or the appeal of a swimming pool. While these are all great features in a home, new buyers often times overlook some of the deteriorating aspects of a home, telling themselves that they will have the money to fix it when the time comes. Unfortunately, if you buy a home with a bad roof, a dying air conditioning unit or shoddy electrical you may be in for a major expense within your first year of homeownership. To avoid these major expenses, make sure these five areas of your new home are in high-functioning condition:

Foundation – Foundation issues are incredibly costly to fix and you can usually find major signs of settling or shifting in the basement, if the home has one. Your home inspection should give you a good idea of the kind of problems you’re working with, and if you opt for a mold test and it comes back positive, it can be another sign of a weak foundation. You can usually see signs by breaks in the walls. Small veins and cracks are considered regular settling, but if you begin seeing cracks that you can fit the side of a nickel in, you’re in trouble.

Plumbing – Older homes may still have their original cast-iron piping, which will need to be replaced eventually, due to corrosion, leaks or mineral build up. Don’t wait until your inspection to start looking for signs of wear, inspect any exposed pipes you can find and see if they are in working order or if they are in bad shape.

Electrical – Electrical issues can be a big hassle for any home; new or old. The biggest problem with electrical issues is that they are incredibly dangerous and need to be fixed as soon as you uncover any issues. Older Aurora real estate will probably have “knob and tube” wiring, which can be an extreme fire hazard. Updating your entire home’s electrical system can be up to $10,000 so it’s important to know before you buy what you may be walking into.

Roof – One of the biggest issues you can face with your home is a bad roof; sometimes you can get off easily with simply adding a new layer of shingles, but like any quick, inexpensive fix, it’s mostly just a band-aid and will only delay the inevitable; purchasing a new roof. New roofs are at least $4,000-5,000 to replace, based on size and material, but can soar all the way into the $30,000 range. Buying a house with a 10-year old or older roof means you will be looking at replacement costs in the next 5 or so years, so be prepared.

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