Hanging Plants – Going all out on a full landscaping job can cost you thousands of dollars, and many homeowners know that even buying a few small, specialty plants can quickly blow your budget without making much impact. Hanging plants, however, are inexpensive and create a warm and welcoming entry for your guests. You can do a hanging plant on each side of your front door, or create maybe a string of three or four across your front patio. They look great when your front lawn is somewhat barren, since they attract the eye to your home instead of the empty yard.

Swings or Seating – Swings are a great addition to any home, and can add a country touch to even the most suburban of homes. If you’re looking for the casual and welcoming look of a swing, but worry about children or animals getting injured, a few rocking chairs will do the trick as well. Make sure to coat your seating in a glaze or exterior coat, so it can last for years instead of months.

Lighting – One of the simplest and best ways to add character and function to your curb is to add some lighting. The lighting can depend entirely on your style and the home’s style, as you can use hanging lights, small lanterns around the doors or even light posts guiding guests up to your front walkway. The added lighting helps to welcome any guests after hours, and can help detract any unwelcome visitors. You can even get the lights set on a timer, when you’re traveling or home alone.

Touch-up Paint – If you’re at a loss for which item to add to your curb appeal first, try by starting with a fresh coat of paint. Older houses, houses near the water, and homes covered by thick shrubbery tend to get dirty more quickly, and can take even the nicest homes for sale in Denver CO from looking like a million bucks to looking like they’ve sat vacant for over a year. Start with a fresh coat of paint on the front of your house. If the difference between the front and the sides is drastic, consider buying paint for the entire home. Make sure to pressure wash your home before getting started, since painting over dirt and grit can reduce the life of your paint.

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