Decorating your space is one of the most exciting and comforting things you can do. Often times called “nesting,” many young couples get right to work making their home a perfect sanctuary. During your rush to get furnished and decorated, you may not take some simple interior design mistakes that can make your home feel more empty, awkward or confused. Take some time to read through these tips and try to avoid any of these mistakes:

Furniture – One of the most common mistakes you can make while decorating your house is to push the furniture to the corners or sides of the room. Most people do it in an attempt to make the room look bigger, when in reality it ends up looking awkward and empty. Rooms are meant to be filled; yes, you can go overboard and have too much furniture or clutter, but if you have the right amount of pieces to fit the room, play with your options.

Area Rugs – Area rugs that are too small are one of the most common decorating mistakes you can make since it brings the focus of the room to one small item. In reality, your rug should be big enough to fit all of the furniture on top of it. If getting ever piece on fully on top of it is not possible, make sure at least the front legs of each larger piece can line the rug. This helps the rug tie the pieces together, turning random items into a cozy and welcoming room.

Paint – Do not paint your rooms first. If you have a color that you love and think you’d like to do something with in a room, find your pieces first. You might find a killer chevron wingback chair in teal, and realize that the room in teal would be overkill. You want to buy your most expensive pieces first, and then you can think about paint colors.

Wall Hangings – For art, mirrors and picture frames, the rule is quite simple; they should be hung on the wall at eye-level. People tend to hang these items higher on the wall to give an illusion of height in the room, but guests tend to overlook (or, “underlook”, should we say) the item altogether.

Curtains – Your curtains should absolutely hit the floor. They can be a few inches too long, even, but curtains that don’t hit the floor tend to make your walls feel shorter and have the same effect that high-water pants can have.

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