Action – Once your agent has gotten the buyers excited about your house, they need to encourage them to act. This is where a lot of agents need work, since some think a house will “sell itself” and others can be so pushy that they make the buyers uncomfortable. There are quite a few techniques they likely use, and we’ll get into those soon, but one of the best ways to know how your real estate agent sells is to remember how they’ve sold themselves to you.

You should gage your real estate agent’s call for action from the initial listing appointment. How did you feel about listing with them? Did you feel forced into signing the listing paperwork? Did they put any effort into closing you, or were they impartial to earning your business? Maybe they got you so excited to sell your property by using the first few stages (interest, desire) that they didn’t need to push the closing.

Here are just a few ways your agent could be closing the deal on your property:

Direct Close – A direct close is simple and direct, and many agents have mastered the technique. When your agent is convinced that the buyer is ready, they simply ask for the close. If your agent is not very intuitive or is reading the buyer wrong, this could be the wrong approach, but luckily it’s difficult to scare an interested buyer off.

Concession Close – This is when your agent “sweetens the deal” by throwing in the furniture or “letting it slip” that the seller would be willing to split or pay for closing costs if your buyer is willing to act quickly.

Time-Driven Close – Timing is everything in real estate, and your agent knowing they’re selling a quality product is important. If they know the home is priced well, they should push that good Cherry Creek homes for sale last only about a month, and that this one will likely go quickly.

”Trial Offer” – This is a weird one for your agent, since they obviously can’t offer the home for a limited period. Your agent can, however, push for getting a property under contract and getting a deposit down. They can offer an extended inspection period, so the buyers feel they have time to bail out, or even a smaller deposit in case they change his mind.

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