Any homeowner in the business field will see similarities between their real estate agent and their sales force; real estate may be “selling the dream,” but the emphasis should be on “selling.” Real estate salespeople can be as nice, friendly and talkative as possible, but selling a home requires some knowledge of the psychology of selling and understanding of the stages of the sales process. Here are some of the stages of sale you may see your real estate agent engaging in:

Attention – Your agent needs to get potential buyers’ attention through advertising or prospecting. Ask your agent how they plan to market your property. Some will advertise in the newspaper or online, while others feel that Open Houses really work well for prospecting. Knowing what kind of reputation your real estate agent or broker has is extremely important, since they may have been making contacts for years before acquiring your property, and in the sales world, networking is key.

Interest – Your agent will learn to build interest in your property by accentuating the positives; they should help remind you to keep your place tidy at all times, they should have recommended some staging techniques if your house felt cluttered or too “lived in,” and they should be making themselves available during showings to help sell your properties best features (since they might not want to depend on the buyers’ agent making the sale).

Desire – Your Baker real estate agent may or may not be well-versed in building desire for your property. This is building the buyer’s interest to a level where they are sure to buy. You can build buyer’s desire by showing them the kind of life they want; possibly helping them envision the small room as a perfect nook for a new baby, or point out the great backyard that their family dog would surely enjoy.

Conviction – This is where your agent and the buyer’s agent’s interactions is very important, since most of the negotiation is done in private. Your agent can get the ball rolling from the first contact with the other agent, letting them know that the house is fairly priced, so they will be expecting quite a few offers in the first few weeks. Conviction is showing your product compared to the competition; if your product (house) is overpriced or lacking compared to the rest of the neighborhood, then nearly every sales technique can be lost on it. Your agent has to prove the home is worth the list price, but the numbers usually speak for themselves.

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