Real estate is a very interesting, lucrative, and sometimes cut-throat industry. You have owner-occupied residential homes, investment properties, commercial, industrial and the list goes on and on. Just like anything else in life, selling different kinds of properties requires different kinds of sales techniques. If you’re hiring a real estate agent to help you sell, they’ll likely use some of these techniques, but if you’re trying to sell on your own, you may want to consider these:

Signs – Never underestimate the power of signs; in the front yard, around the neighborhood and even on main streets. These signs can draw in buyers that may have never thought there was a home for sale in the area, and can alert neighbors of an available home. Make sure your phone number is very readable and use terms like “motivated seller” or “flexible seller” so people know there’s room for negotiation.

Curb Appeal – Unless you prepare on selling this property as a “fixer upper,” you’ll likely want to fix up the house a bit. One of the best uses of your budget is curb appeal—yes kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but sometimes your exterior is so bad that buyers won’t even step foot on your property. This is where your money is well spent, since many buyers can see a roof that needs repairing or a crack in the foundation and they are running for the hills before you can even get them inside.

Give Options – One of the best ways to sell your property quickly in this market is to give your buyers a few purchasing options. Can you possibly hold the mortgage for up to five years? Many buyers’ credit has been destroyed by the slow economy, and while they’re making enough to afford a home, and they even have a down payment, their credit is so bad that no one would consider giving them a loan. Or maybe they make the monthly income to cover your mortgage payments, but they have yet to save up for a down payment. In this case you may want to offer them a rent-to-own situation, where they prove that they can make payments, and may even pay extra each month towards a down payment, and then in a year or two they can purchase the home.

Networking – This is another area where a Baker Real Estate Agent can come in handy, but don’t worry if you’re trying to sell on your own, but networking is key in the real estate world. Call any brokers that work in investment properties and offer them a buyer’s commission. This may seem like it’s defeating the purpose of selling by owner, but you’re paying half the commission, since you are only paying for a buyer to be brought, not for both sides.

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