Buying a new home is both an exciting and frustrating process; you can look at hundreds of homes that are overpriced, undersized or actually have some potential, but need quite a bit of work. Luckily, one major cosmetic issue—built-ins can be easily remedied by removing them and repairing their existing space. Plenty of homes have built-ins, some are new and fit the design of the home and others are outdated and out of place. While built-ins were usually built for a purpose and can be very useful if you need the extra storage space, many new homeowners find they’d rather have the open space.

One of the biggest problems with built-ins is that they can change the entire feel of a room; sometimes they’re bulky and throw off the flow of the room, and other times they’re just simply unnecessary and awkwardly taking up too much space. If you’ve bought Aurora Real Estate with built-ins that you just don’t need, here is what you need to do to rid yourself of them:

Removal – First things first is removing all the easy parts; the removable shelves, the doors and the drawers. You should be left with naked built-ins at this point, and you might even be able to see the wall exposed behind them.

Demolition – Now that your built-ins are bare, you’re ready to strip them out of the space. Depending on how and when they were constructed, they could be solidly fastened to the wall or they could just be one giant piece that’s attached at one or two places. Be careful for holes for wiring and cables. Sometimes new builders get lazy on placing outlet plates over these items, and you can have loose wires all over the place.

Repair or Redo – Depending on when your built-ins were installed you may be left with a bare flooring spot. If the built-ins were made when the house was made, the installer may have floored around the built-ins instead of under them. Now comes the hard part, since you will need to match up your flooring with the existing floor. Once you match the flooring all that is left to do is patch the walls, sand the walls and paint. In some cases, builders may have left you a bit more to do—like cut additional drywall or repair wires and cables, but hopefully your walls are left mostly in-tact.

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