It’s a Business – The second you go into real estate you are working for yourself; you set your own hours, you create your own contacts and you set the bar for how well you want to do. With that being said, many Agents need to be their own personal assistant, secretary and CEO for the first few years. You’re a one person machine and you will need to stay on top of scheduling showings, inspections, meeting with new clients, networking and having your own life somewhere in between. Organization will be the key to your success from the beginning. Did someone write down their phone number for you to talk about a listing? Did you lose that paper? You’re not only losing a contact, but also a potential commission. Did you miss a listing meeting or double book showing times? You could be sabotaging your career with too many mistakes, so keep on top of your life with daily planners, online calendars and plenty of phone reminders. Believe us, your clients will appreciate a responsible and attentive Agent.

Sales – Let’s get realistic now; your clients will want a warm and friendly Agent, but not a pushover. Real Estate is a sales business, there are plenty of sharks, and if you never push back, you’ll never earn the respect of your colleagues. Not only will you lose respect, but you will lose plenty of commissions by being too nice in this industry. You may take overpriced listings because you don’t want to tell the client that they’re wrong, or you may drive clients around for up to a year without them making even one offer. You need to understand that you are only wasting your own time, and that you’re losing commissions every day you work with unqualified buyers or stubborn sellers.

Know Real Estate – If you want to be the best in your industry, it’s important to know everything you can. If you’re new to real estate, you’ve probably gotten into this business because you have a genuine fascination for the industry and hopefully love the idea of helping people buy and sell homes. That means it’s time to dive deep into learning the processes, the neighborhoods, and the overall market to become the one of the most knowledgeable Denver real estate agents that your clients deserve. Keep in mind that all your hard work will pay off because the once you become the best Agent the best clients will want to work with you.

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