Searching for your dream home can be exciting, exhausting, and some days downright discouraging. Finding your perfect home can take months or even years, but there are a few things you can do to prepare for the search:

Neighborhood – For most people, neighborhood is one of the biggest factors in your decision to buy. You neighborhood not only dictates your location, community and friends, but your neighborhood also plays a large part in your children’s lives; which school they’ll be attending. Typically, if you’re looking for a home that is zoned for a great school, you may need to sacrifice some of your other wants, since these areas are more desirable and, of course, more expensive.

Non-negotiable Wants – You may think to yourself they aren’t “wants,” but “needs.” In reality, a roof over our heads with running water and temperature control is really all we need. Everything else is a want; but very important wants, since your family will most likely be uncomfortable without some of these wants. Do you want a room for each child? Would you like a big backyard for grilling and letting your dog run around? Maybe you are a swimmer and would want a lap pool, whatever ranks highest on your list should be considered a non-negotiable. Each non-negotiable should also be ranked, starting with the most important first.

Be Realistic – Is your non-negotiable list realistic? Can you afford the kind of square footage you’re looking for in the neighborhood of your dreams? Make sure you know what is the most important thing on your list; maybe you have three desirable neighborhoods, and you would be willing to go for your third choice in order to have the kitchen of your dreams. Think of it this way; if we all had our way, we’d buy a large, fully upgraded home in a great neighborhood, for a shockingly low price. When Denver real estate for sale is like that, it tends to get snatched up in a matter of hours, or go into a bidding war situation, which ends up upping the price anyway.

Wait – You may not be as ready to buy as you thought. Just because you have enough for a down payment and can qualify for a loan, doesn’t mean you are necessarily ready for the home of your dreams. You may not be able to reconcile your unrealistic wants with your more realistic budget, and if you wait a year or two longer, you may be able to afford more.

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